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Health and Welfare Message - EYE DROPS TO TREAT GLAUCOMA

It has been brought to my attention that there is currently an issue in the TRNC regarding  the supply of certain eye drops to treat Glaucoma.
The most common drug ‘Cosopt’ is currently out of stock. There is an identical alternative here called ‘Oftamix’ but that is also in very short supply.
If you are using these drops, please contact your local pharmacy before you run out.  You may need to contact your eye specialist to prescribe a different type of drops until the supplies are restored. These drops are still being manufactured;  the current scarcity is due to a pricing supply issue in Turkey. 
Additional Information as of 23rd FEBRUARY 2018
I have now heard that the supply situation is expected to be resolved in the next few weeks. If anyone currently needs some urgently, the pharmacist in Karaoglanoglu (near Lemar and Stormax), has a small supply of Oftomix, which is identical to Cosopt. I would advise calling to check if she still has it and to let her know you will be going to collect it by calling her on 0392 822 3885
Kind regards,
Michelle Martin
BRS Health and Welfare Secretary.