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White Card Draft Law - Progress Report


"Last week BRS Deputy Chairman Stephen Day and Government Liaison Officer Mike Maternaghan, had further discussions with the TRNC's Interior Minister regarding the proposed draft law on Residency and Citizenship qualifications for foreign nationals in TRNC, known as "the White Card" legislation. The BRS has previously submitted its comments on the draft law to the Minister, including seeking clarifications and pointing out certain anomalies, contradictions and omissions in the text of the original draft. The Minister informed Stephen & Mike that following this consultation process, the amended draft law is now before a Parliamentary Committee. The committee have now referred the legislation to the TRNC Attorney General, following the discovery of a number of "legal difficulties" within the text. When the Attorney General has responded on these difficulties, the legislation will be submitted to the General Assembly of Parliament. The Minister also promised the BRS that before submission to the General Assembly, he will supply a copy of the amended final version of the proposals to us. Upon receipt of this document, we will make public the final content and comment upon it.

The BRS would yet again like to thank the Minister of the Interior for his consideration and kindness in his dealings with us".