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Importing Cars

Importing Motor Vehicles

A Warning before you read on: Importing a car is expensive and procedures are long winded and obscure!

Rules on the importation of cars here are quite complex, the rules are perhaps in place to deter you from importing a car and to encourage you to make a purchase here.

If the car is under three years old you can import a car here. If it is over five years old you must have been the registered owner for the last five years, any less and you will not be given permission.

Cars over 24 years old and you can import the car here, in fact you will be given all the help you need, as it is classed as a classic car.

The car for import must have a valid MOT and Road Fund Licence from the country which you are intending to import the car from.

The maximum period you can drive the car is twelve months, after that period you must either permanently import the car, or take it out of the Country. The car will not be allowed into the TRNC again! Import tax is between 40-60% of mid “Glasses Guide”. Quite how they come to a figure is far and beyond most people, but you have no choice in the matter.

You can only get insurance here on a third party basis until the car is either officially registered here, or you have made an application and then and only then can you drive with fully comprehensive insurance.

Once the car has been imported and officially registered with TRNC number plates, you are not permitted to sell the car for a period of two years.

You may be given the “run around” by the officials perhaps they love giving you a hard time.

Give the importation some considerable thought. Although you can get parts for the car back home, you may have considerable difficulty here. If the car is involved in a road traffic accident here, your car maybe off the road for months on end.

Another consideration is road tax, as it is based on the weight of the car, the heavier the car the more you will pay. A 4×4  car can be anything up to 3500TL per year and whether you can get mechanics here to service it correctly is another consideration

MOT equivalent tests are required on all vehicles over 3years old. Separate emissions tests are mandatory, annually for diesel cars and every two years for petrol engines. You can import a car for 12 months before duty is payable, subject to the conditions set out above. ( Information correct of JAN 2016 courtesy of Trevor Hughes - www.cyprusscene.com )

For anyone wanting to import a car, we strongly advise that you obtain a price for import duty in advance of your journey, and get that in writing.

For those of you that want to drive your car across Europe, the attached map (Courtesy of the late Hans Doeleman) will be useful.