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Water Meters

All domestic water supplies are now metered.   At present each Beledeysi is responsible for installation and maintenance of meters.  Charges vary between local authorities. Initially all householders need to apply for a SMART WATER METER CARD at the appropriate Beledeysi office.

The documents required to receive a card are as follows:-

1. ID.Card or passport photograph.

2. Title Deed Copy - if not - The Sales Contract or Rental Contract ( These must have been officially stamped and signed by the Appropriate Government Office).

3. The form which came with the meter. 

This form contains only basic questions and can be filled in at the municipality.  

Once you have a card, when you require water, the standard charge is 5.75TL per ton. This tariff does not change as you buy more water.

Customers can pay for the amount of water required at this standard rate and may use this water for as longs it lasts. Water can now only be paid for on your card. Payment by Direct debit for water is no longer possible.

There is no longer a standard charge for 0 to 10 tons per month, this has been abolished and you now only pay for what you use.

4. There is no more "builders tariff". All houses are now on the same normal house tariff.


Please note - Before going to the Belediye to put money onto your water meter card, it is advised that you put your card into the water meter and press the black button once only, this downloads the information from the water meter to your card, so we may see the updated information on your water meter