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Local government

As in the UK, each district has a local body (Beledeysi) who have responsibility for providing services. Refuse collection, water delivery, pest control. They are also in charge of repair and maintainence of any publicly owned roads. Each district appoints a local mayor and officers with responsibilities for certain services, that is similar to the UK.

In the villages that make up the districts, there is a village key official known as a "Muhtar", pronounced "muktar". This dates back to older times. He is still a responsible person and you are only likely to meet with him when you process your residency application. His role is to verify that you are domiciled in the village. 

In addition to charges for the above mentioned services, that are invoiced monthly, there is also a local property charge.

The BRS provides a service for BRS members only. We have a team of volunteers called "Community Reps" who will take up local issues and complaints with the appropriate Beledeysi. Their contact details can be found by clicking here.