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Everyone in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has the right of religious freedom in teaching, worship and observance, without any interference from the State. This is guaranteed by Article 23 of the Constitution of the TRNC under the heading "Freedom of Concience and Religion".

The main religion in Northern Cyprus is Islam, and Muslims make up 99% of the population. There is a mosque in almost every town and village.

Four branches of Christianity serve the visiting and resident community of the TRNC:

•    The Anglican Church of St Andrews Website Link

•    The Roman Catholic Church

      (St Elizabeth of Hungary) near the Dome Hotel in Girne (Kyrenia)

•    The Maronite Church of Ayios Geogios in Koruçam

      (To the west of Girne, near Çamlibel)

•    The Greek Orthodox Church at Dipkarpaz (to the east on the Karpaz penisula)


 Jewish Worship - Contact Rabbi Chaim Azimov on 0533-8770774