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Lobbying of the UK Parliament to end the isolation of the TRNC

We will soon be starting Phase 2 of our lobbying campaign. Watch this space!

To facilitate matters, the BRS has created a system where by inputting your personal information, a pre-populated letter can be automatically sent to your MP by email. Please note that this should be from only one person at a time, so as to maximise the impact of the campaign.
You can also ask us to send the letters by visiting a clinic.

Please share this on social media, and with your friends and family, both here in the TRNC and especially those in the UK. Please note the lobby campaign is open to all British Citizens - you do not have to be resident here or be a BRS member, and a solution would help those that just wish to visit this beautiful country.

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News  19 May 2023 - Update 20.5.23


The British Residents Society is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, that provides information, support and advice for those owning or renting property in North Cyprus. We endeavour to ensure that information is up to date and accurate but if you come across something wrong or feel that we should be adding content, please feel free to contact us.

The objectives of the Society are to foster friendly relations with the people of Cyprus, to advise and assist members and to make representation on their behalf to the authorities.Kyrenia

TO JOIN PLEASE CLICK HERE.  BRS welcomes new members and the membership is presently more than 2,600. Full membership is open to all holders of a valid British Passport, who own/rent property and use it regularly or as a holiday/second home.  Children under 18 whose parent(s) are full members may be registered as a "child member" by providing them with a membership card bearing the parent(s) membership number followed by the suffix "C" allowing them to full membership benefits.

Associate Membership is available to other nationalities providing they are TRNC residents and are sponsored by a full member of more than two years standing and are formally approved at a regular Committee meeting. 

There is an annual subscription of just 80TL p.a. per person for 2023 and 100TL per person for 2024 onwards, due on the 1st January each year and which runs until 31st December.
To renew membership please see the Meet Us page for details of clinics.

Although we provide a service mainly to our members, we try to assist anyone else who asks. Most of our website advice and many of our services are shared with all who live or wish to live in the TRNC regardless of nationality. The Society is strictly non-partisan and non-profit making.

The BRS has existed since 1975 and during that time has been able to influence successive TRNC governments in improving the quality of life for many ex-patriates. In addition to our work on residency, property and health, our members benefit financially from:

  • A current discount list of 35+ businesses
  • Discounts at leading private hospitals
  • Low cost banking from Creditwest

If you would like to have a chat in person, please visit one of our clinics. For details of when and where, please click here.

If you are not yet a member and would like to join please register online, download and print the Membership Form and bring it with your passport to one of our clinics.

Members are also invited to join the Official BRS Facebook Group - British Residents’ Society - Official.

"Members Area" access is restricted to all current BRS members. Go to the Login page to enter.

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