BRS Donation to Turkiye Disaster Relief  17 Feb 2023

Disaster relief

Having taken advice from our medical providers, we decided to donate some medical supplies to the disaster relief which are now urgently required in Turkiye. These items included wheelchairs, portable toilets, wet wipes, wet towels, nebulisers, thermometers and BP monitors. The items were taken with other donations on Monday by a team of Arucad staff who had organised to hand them directly to the Turkish embassy in Lefkosa for distribution in Turkiye.  Our medical donation was accepted by the Turkish embassy on Monday and sent straight to the mainland.

BRS reps Julian Mawdesley and Lucy Turner helped package the items into boxes assisted by our regular helper, Joseph.

You can view more photos on our website under the "Giving Back" section. 

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disaster relief


BRS donate badly needed mattress protectors   22 Apr 2022

The Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health would like to thank The British Residents Society (BRS) and the Health and Welfare Secretary , Mr Julian Mawdesley, for the donations they made to the nursing homes in TRNC. Thanks for your love and care for the poor elderly in TRNC


BRS Assist Famagusta Care Home with Donation for Essential Supplies  24 Mar 2022


Elderly Care & Home Care continue to be an issue in Northern Cyprus, especially for the Expat Community.

The plight of a Famagusta care home was bought to the attention of the British Residents Society by The Association of Elderly Rights & Mental Health. 

The 'Ay Isigi Bakim Evi' Home was in desperate need of a washing machine as theirs had recently broken and non-repairable. The BRS were happy to donate a new washing machine so that they could continue to do their cleaning within the home.

The pictures show the Chair of the Association of Elderly Rights & Mental Health, Hatice Jenkins, the Care Home Owner Mrs Biray Senyigit and Julian Mawdesley from the BRS.

The BRS are also arranging the purchase of 300 disposable mattress protectors to be distributed throughout the care homes.