ADAPASSLast Updated 12 Jan 2023


Following discussions with the TRNC Health Ministry, we have now been given the following advice in relation to registering NHS vaccinations into Adapass.
Please contact Mr Birdal Cihangir of the TRNC Health Ministry by WhatsApp ONLY. His WhatsApp number is 0090 542 860 6075. Please send him images of the following documents
  1. Passport Picture Page
  2. NHS Vaccination Record
  3. Adapass Record – if you have one. If not, then confirm that you do not have an existing Adapass record.
  4. Residency Permit
If you do not currently have an Adapass Record, then you will also need to supply your TRNC mobile number, e-mail address, and also your residential address in the TRNC.
Unofficiallywe are also advised that for our non-British Passport holder members, Birdal can also deal with EU vaccination certificates that need to be incorporated into Adapass, so the same level of information, as shown above, will be required.

The idea of the ADAPASS is really quite clever as it pulls together a persons COVID history in respect of PCR and Antigen testing, Vaccinations, and Information regarding recovery from the Virus as well.

All of this information will be held centrally and can be ‘recalled' using the QR code on the ADAPASS.

We know from our members that the problems begin with the system not recognising an individual when applying for the document to the information contained on the records being incorrect.  In order to attempt to rectify this an announcement was made that if you attend the site of your last TRNC vaccination, between the hours of 12noon and 2pm there will be members of the Health team there to correct these anomalies.

However there has been absolutely no information regarding exemptions for people who are unable to attend those sites or for other legitimate reasons.

Businesses in the categories shown below have already had to register for access to the ADAPASS system in order to allow persons into the following venues.


Bar and club, tavern, café, restaurant, supermarket, internet café, betting offices, nightclubs, barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, massage parlours, tattoo parlours, mass event sectors, store-boutiques, cinemas, theatre halls, concerts, exhibition, indoor gyms, indoor swimming pools, hotels, casinos, youth camps, wedding/engagement/circumcision ceremonies, bingo, indoor children's playgrounds, and places of worship

As of 13.09.2021 the adapass  will be active accross the TRNC and this will allow the affected INDOOR sectors to question the persons who will enter the above venues.

Our current advice is to carry your vaccination cards or the latest PCR/Antigen test results with you.

If you attend the location where you previously were vaccinated, between 12midday and 2pm, there will be staff from the Adapass scheme available to assist face to face with issues relating to registering and accessing your Vaccination Record. If you received your second vaccination at a different location from the first, then we would suggest going to the second location.


The following information has already been shared, but it includes the link to apply for the pass and other relevant information.

If you would like to save an image of your TRNC Vaccination Record on your Smartphone or print some copies off and carry with you, when attempting to enter “closed areas” say in a restaurant, as an example, under the current Covid regulations, then please use the following link.

Once the site has opened up, you will need to enter the following information,

Kimlik Numaranizi Giriniz – In this box enter your passport number only.

Adiniz – In this box enter your Christian name.

Soyadiniz – In this box enter your Surname.

Dogum Tarihi – In this box enter your DOB as requested. DD/MM/YYYY

Tick in the “I am not a robot box”

You will then be presented with a number of squares. You are required to click on each individual square that shows an image of the item you have been asked to identify. Then click on “Verify”

When a Green tick appears alongside the ‘I am not a Robot', then click on “Hemen Sorgula”

Your vaccination record will then appear on the screen. You can save this image on your Smartphone by accepting a message that may appear on the screen of your smartphone asking if you want to open up the site in Safari. If you select this option, your vaccination record will be saved as an image in your pictures folder.

You can also take a picture of your vaccination record, which will then be saved into your pictures folder.

If you see any message within a pink box directly underneath the Hemen Sorgula box containing any message such as “ henuz asilariniz tamamlanmadi” please re-check the information that you have previously entered.

If all of the information entered is correct, then one further option will be to add/enter any middle names that you have, alongside your Christian name, provided that any middle names are shown in your passport.

Some members have also found that by replacing your passport number with the barcode number shown on your TRNC Residency Visa, in the Kimlik Numaranizi Giriniz box, that the system recognises you. So apparently it could be either of these numbers.

The vaccination record appears to show your first vaccination date for both doses of vaccine.

There is also a helpline number available. In case of a problem during the process, assistance can be received from call centre 1111.

As per our last update we are now aware that the ‘Pilot' trial for the Adapass scheme will begin on 27th August within the Lefkosa District.  Although we believe it will be confined to the town centre.

We still HAVE NOT had any clarity from the Government in respect of how to apply for exemptions for those members who, for whatever reasons, have not been vaccinated or had their vaccinations in the UK and need to have them added to the ADAPASS scheme.

The advice that we are giving is for all vaccinated individuals to carry your UK, EU or TRNC vaccination certificates AND passports should you be questioned.

For those of you who are unvaccinated and consider the ‘risks' too high due to medical conditions we expect that you will soon have to be in possession of a medical certificate/letter confirming this, it will NOT be sufficient to apply for an exemption as you will be required to provide medical evidence.


From 13th September 2021 ANY unvaccinated person requiring a PCR or Antigen test will be liable for the cost of those tests. 

Also the hotel expenses for unvaccinated people in quarantine will also have to be covered entirely by themselves.

PCR Tests will be priced at 100 TL and antigen tests are 40 TL.

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