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Rules of entry into the TRNC (November 2020)Last Updated 2 Dec 2020

Once you arrive in the TRNC, you will normally receive an entry visa stamp in your passport. The stamp will have hand-written into it, the number of days that you are permitted to stay in the TRNC. If you do not see such a stamp in your passport when it is returned to you by the Immigration Officer, then you must ask how many days you are being permitted to stay in the TRNC for.

If your intention is to apply for a Residency Visa, then it will be beneficial for you, if you let the Immigration Officer know this, and if you are in possession of any documentation that identifies that you are a property owner, be prepared to offer the document for inspection.

Under normal circumstances the Immigration Officer should give you a sufficient length of time to allow you to complete your application process. The Immigration Officer may need reminding, that if you are going to be within the Girne Police district that you will be waiting up to six weeks for an appointment to formally submit your documentation. 

The procedure outlined above is important as you must submit your application and have attended a police station appointment to formally submit your documents within the time period shown in your entry visa.

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