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Planning to move to North CyprusLast Updated 25 Mar 2022

There is “a lot of politics” in Cyprus which is beyond the remit of this fact sheet but which you might be interested in finding out about, if you are planning to retire to the island. What you do need to know is that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was formed in 1974 and, unlike The Republic of Cyprus in the south, is not a member of the EU. This has implications if you move here, although as an EU citizen you have right of movement across the whole island.

The TRNC encompasses about 30% of the island of Cyprus with about 25% of its population. The national language is Turkish. Northern Cyprus attracts a considerable number of UK retirees, drawn by its relatively unspoilt scenery, climate and affordability, as well as the fact that it is quiet and relaxed. If you are considering Northern Cyprus as a retirement destination, the usual advice applies so test it out in different seasons including winter, ask others who live here what they think, investigate healthcare options.

“Came on holiday several times per year for 3 years before deciding to buy.”

“A small proportion go back as they find they don’t like it. Come and rent in both summer AND winter before committing.”

“I visited twice a year for 3 years, checked banking facilities, housing, medical facilities.”

“Anyone considering retirement to North Cyprus should be very cautious. Remember there is no NHS in North Cyprus-you must budget for healthcare"

"We had to go back to the UK because I missed the grandchildren too much."


Removals from the UK will take around 6-8 weeks and many recommend using a door-to-door service to make life easier. Details of the process of importing your goods can be found on various websites.  

Customs duty is liable on all imported goods, although it may be waived on used household effects for those retiring to the TRNC, provided they are imported within 6 months of arrival.

Finally, please remember to translate all of the contents of your container into Turkish.

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