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Customs and LanguageLast Updated 29 Nov 2020

Liaising and being friendly with the local community is more realistic than integration, given that it is very much family-based and considering language issues. The kind of behaviour which is culturally unacceptable and likely to upset your hosts is that of ignorant, thoughtless tourists, drunkenness and the associated rowdiness.

Most of the population are Muslims. They are fairly relaxed about religion, but tact is wise. Like mainland Turks, Ataturk is held in the highest regard. It would be most discourteous to be critical. People are generally considerate to the aged. There are formal sets of greetings for different times and to learn and use them is appreciated.

Generally speaking, Turkish Cypriots are kind and laid back. If you learn to adjust to the pace of life, you'll do fine - if you are impatient and expect UK with sun, you'll hate it!! Nice climate, nice people on the whole, gentle pace of life.

In addition to providing comprehensive advice and information on the bureaucratic procedures of residing in Northern Cyprus, the BRS also organises lots of activities and has links with St Andrew's Church. Another organisation well worth joining is The Anglo Turkish Association which, apart from running Turkish language courses also organises cultural events and trips and talks on a wide range of topics related to Northern Cyprus.

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