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Animal and PetsLast Updated 25 Dec 2020

Whilst the UK is a nation of animal lovers, one cannot say that about Cyprus.  The majority of Cypriots, both in the North and in the South, have a different attitude to animals.  The subject of abandoned animals is a major problem here, and spaying/neutering is not a widespread practice.  You will often find stray dogs being abandoned near your home, knowing that the ex-pats will take pity and often provide a home for them.

For those of you that wish to bring your pets to the TRNC please visit the KAR website for up to date information.

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For those owners that want to return to the UK and bring their pets, there are vaccination requirements and again these are set out on the KAR website together with transportation information and prices.

New Microchip law for Dogs

We are grateful to Kyrenia Animal Rescue who have produced the following information sheet regarding the new Microchip law to help dog owners to understand the new regulations.

TRNC law states that all dogs over the age of six weeks should have a Microchip. All dog’s microchip details have to be registered with the Government Vet Dept and a card issued.

If your dog already HAS a Microchip:-

Visit a private Vet clinic and show your dogs Vet card/Pet Passport with microchip entry. They will complete the Gov Registration form. You pay a Government fee plus the vet’s clinic costs. The private Vet will send the form to the Government's Vet Dept where they will enter the details on their database and issue a card. This card will be returned to your vet for you to collect.

Or you can go to the Gov Vet Dept in Lefkosa who will give you the form to complete and then issue the card.

Note: At this time the Gov Vet Dept in Girne is unable to issue the cards until such times as their computers have been updated.

If your dog does NOT have a Microchip:-

Visit your private Vet clinic who will be able to insert a Microchip, complete the forms to register the microchip with the Gov Vet Dept and return the card when completed. You need to ask your Vet for a list of their charges.

You are required to complete the Microchip registration for each dog only once. This supersedes your annual registration/worming visit to the Gov Vet Dept.

You will only then be required to register annually at your local Belediyesi department. This should be done every January as your registration runs from Jan to Dec each year.

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