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As the way the British Residents' Society (referred to henceforth as the BRS) shares its information has changed radically over the past year, we find ourselves having to consider protecting our members from unauthorised copying of this information, for which they pay a membership subscription.

We are aware of members copying information from our Facebook Group page and the Members section of the website as well as BRS email communication then sharing this data with non-members to the purposeful detriment of those who have continued to subscribe to the BRS.

Any information which is published on the ‘MEMBERS' section of the BRS website or on the Facebook Group page, entitled British Residents' Society – Official or communicated by way of members email remains the intellectual property of the BRS and cannot be copied, shared or pasted on any other media to the benefit of non-members.

Members who undertake in any such activity will have their access to both the Facebook Group page (British Residents' Society – Official) and the BRS website ( Members area withdrawn, and all email communications ceased.

Should a member wish to assist friends or family by sharing the above-mentioned communications please use the ‘Contact Us' tab on the website to ask permission from our webmaster, and give details of who and why.

We hope that you will understand our reasons for having to put these regulations into force, and they do not affect your support for the BRS.

The BRS Committee reserves the right to remove access from any or all of its communication channels at any time, for any member and their spouse and or partner, for any member who also holds a position (i.e. Committee Member, Administrator, Moderator, Group Expert) in any other organisations which could use information that the BRS makes available, to the benefit of that organisation, or that organisation's own members, particularly when the BRS does not have the ability to monitor the way that its information may be used, within that organisation.