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We are delighted to welcome Prodent and add them to our health providers’ sponsors list. We all know that some issues in the TRNC can be a minefield to navigate and from speaking with Prodent, dental implants are no different. As treatment can be expensive (but significantly less than UK prices), it is important to make informed decisions. We believe that with Prodent’s help you can get access to the best information and best treatment you may need.

There is currently a special offer for our members, arranged by our sponsor, Prodent, until 30 June 2021. 
Prodent has secured a 15% discount to all BRS members in need of tooth replacement therapy with its partner clinic, Temelci Dental Clinic*.  The discount applies to all dental implants in the Straumann Group range and the full quote (including crown work).

This is a great opportunity to benefit from this discount particularly in light of the high quality dental implants that are on offer.

Prodent is an established business in the TRNC providing dental implants and associated services to the dental profession in the TRNC.  Prodent has acquired the distribution and sales rights of the Straumann Group’s suite of dental implant brands and biomaterials (bone grafts and collagen sponges).  Within this portfolio of products is the world’s leading dental implant brand Straumann.

For more information regarding Prodent and the dental implant market in the TRNC call 0533 848 3139 or email prodentkktc@hotmail.com or click here.


Straumann prides itself on being the world’s leading implant brand through its quality.  For over 35 years clinical evidence suggests it is the best performing and most reliable dental implant primarily through its composition and unique surface structure.  It is the brand that has the largest market share worldwide and through its quality has the quickest healing times whilst having a less invasive surgical procedure.

The following documents provide further information as to why Straumann has the highest quality and provides some case study analysis compared to other implant brands

Click here for information about

Composition and surface design

Success rates


Implant examples

Further information

For more detailed specific information about dental implants please click here to access Frequently Asked Questions.

Visit the following websites to see what Dental Practices in the UK are saying about Straumann dental implants.




Patient 1
To give you some background, I am in my seventies and my wife is late sixties. Obviously our teeth were showing signs of degrading and in need of some intervention. I responded to an article on the BRS website highlighting Straumann replacement crowns and contacted Hakan and he outlined the procedures and directed me to the Straumann website which was very informative.  We then arranged an initial appointment at the Temelci Dental Clinic in Girne, with Hakan who helped with any language issues as well explaining things in layman’s terms.

When we attended our appointment we had a thorough examination, various x-rays were also taken. We then sat down with Mr Temeci, the Dentist, who told us of his background and experience which was very impressive. We decided to go for the full set of implants and crowns and the price was given to us.

Altogether the whole procedure for both of us took 6 months but now we have shiny new teeth that do not look too much out of place, (we did not choose the 'Simon Cowell' look) and we are very pleased with the result. The new teeth do take a while to get used to but that does settle down after a period of time.

We would definitely recommend the Temelci Clinic and Staumann products which are not the cheapest but the quality is beyond reproach.

Patient 2
Having spoken to a few friends who have also had implants, it seems the difference here is that you are supported all the way by Prodent (Hakan) with every step explained to you and I found that very reassuring. And I guess because of this I found the experience positive and any questions quickly answered.

Patient 3
We knew we were likely to need some teeth replaced so contacted Hakan to see what he had to say.  After speaking with him it was obvious there were a number of things that we had not thought about and therefore we had to make some key decisions that we were comfortable with before starting.  Glad we did make the step because we are now both very happy and comfortable with our teeth.  It is difficult to make a judgement of what brand and which dentist to go with because you listen to recommendations but still there is this nagging doubt in your head but in the end we chose quality over price (and to be honest there was not that much difference in the price particularly when you added the price of the crowns).

Straumann has an advertising campaign saying that if dentists needed dental implants then they would choose Straumann.  In over 3 years of trading the following has been observed in TRNC: 

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